Patients and Public

Phase 1 of the TONiC study began with individual interviews and discussion groups with people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone disease (MND) and certain spinal conditions. This section is complete for these conditions. TONiC will also involve other neurological conditions such as stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) later in the study.

Phase 1 also incorporates the Professionals’ Forum. The Forum has begun and will continue to run for the coming few months. The input and expertise from the healthcare professionals involved in this will shape the following patient-directed stages. Unfortunately, patients and members of the public are not involved in the Professionals’ Forum.

Phases 2 and 3 will focus solely on patients and will recruit patients with MS, MND and other neurological conditions from around the UK.

If you wish to participate in these future stages, or want to find out if you are eligible to do so, please refer to the MS and MND maps on our website to check whether your neurological team are named as one of the centres involved in TONiC. If so, please contact the TONiC ‘Champion’ at your site for more information.

TONiC is co-ordinated by Professor Carolyn Young and the TONiC team at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. The following organisations have supported TONiC by contributing funds

mnda - motor neurone disease association
biogen idec
NHS - National Institute for Health Research
Genzyme - A Sanofi Company
The Walton Center - NHS Foundation Trust